Pain and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (PIDDSIG)

  • Education and resources specific to pain assessment and management in this vulnerable and complex patient population.
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge exchange to advance awareness of the problem of pain for individuals with IDD within IASP and in consult with other national and international associations.
  • The examination of the underlying mechanisms of chronic and acute pain specific to individuals with IDD who may have altered or compromised physiological systems.
  • Multidisciplinary and multi-site research collaborations.
  • The identification and implementation of strategies, programs, and learning opportunities that support the goal of improving pain management for individuals with IDD internationally.

Upcoming Meeting(s)

  • SIG Business Meeting
    30 June 2021 - [12:45 - 13:45]
    World Congress on Pain | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Committee members
Founding Chair: Ruth Defrin (ISRAEL)
Committee member: Chantel Barney (USA)
Committee member: Frank Symons (USA)
Committee member: Lara Genik (CANADA)
Committee member: Brian McGuire (IRELAND)
Randi Dovland Andersen (NORWAY)

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