Pain Registries

Aims and goals for Pain Registries SIG:

  • Provide guidance on best practice in developing pain registries
  • Represent pain registries within IASP.
  • Support collaborators from medical centers, worldwide, to join or initiate pain registries for procedures, therapies or services
  • Initiate and advance registry-related projects.
  • Guide on funding to support the further expansion and development of registries.
  • Encourage collaborators to present their findings at IASP meetings
  • Promote registry-based trials
  • Encourage existing medical registries (unrelated to pain specifically) to include some "agreed" standard pain outcomes as a minimum

Discussion Forum

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Interim Officers 

Chair - Cathy Price 
Secretary - Ruth Zaslansky 
Treasurer - Gary McFarlane 

Interim Committee Members (with special interests)
Pain in Children - Susie Lord
Orofacial Pain - Joanna Zakrewska 
Perioperative Pain - Winifried Meissner
Special Interest (TBD) -  Sean Mackey
Chronic Pain - Manon Choiniere
Developing countries - TBD

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