Non-Human Pain

The Non-Human Pain SIG aims to:

  • Encourage basic and clinical research on the recognition of pain in animals, mechanisms of pain in animals, and management of pain in animals.
  • Encourage the use of spontaneous animal disease as a model for studying mechanisms and alleviation of human pain.
  • Encourage cross-species collaboration in pain research.
  • Act as a central point for interdisciplinary discussion of pain in non-human species.
Newsletters Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

  • SIG Business Meeting
    28 June 2021 - [12:45 - 13:45]
    World Congress on Pain | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Past Meetings:

  • Beyond Reflex Measures of Pain and Hypersensitivity in Non-Human Species
    11 September, 2018 | Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
    View agenda

  • The Inaugural Pain in Animals Workshop
    November 2017 | NIH

Discussion Forum

Follow the steps below to access the Non-Human Pain online discussion forum, Groupsite: 

  • Login into your IASP account
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Scroll down to "My Group Memberships"
  • Click on your listed SIG - "Non-Human Pain"


The SIG maintains an archive of resources which include the following items:

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Chair: Jennifer Lofgren (USA)
Past Chair: Duncan Lascelles (USA)
Secretary: Nick Andrews (USA)
Treasurer: Wenlong Huang (UK)

Board Members
Andrew Rice (UK)
Victor Owoyele (Nigeria)
Daniel Pang (Canada)
Mette Herskin (Denmark)
Dale Sandercock (UK)
Constanza Meneses Evans (USA)

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