Non-Human Pain

The Non-Human Pain SIG aims to:

  • Encourage basic and clinical research on the recognition of pain in animals, mechanisms of pain in animals, and management of pain in animals.
  • Encourage the use of spontaneous animal disease as a model for studying mechanisms and alleviation of human pain.
  • Encourage cross-species collaboration in pain research.
  • Act as a central point for interdisciplinary discussion of pain in non-human species.
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Upcoming Meeting

Non-Human Pain SIG Satellite Symposia: 
'Beyond Reflex Measures of Pain and Hypersensitivity in Non-Human Species'
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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Past Meeting

Fall Non-Human Pain SIG Meeting: The inaugural ‘Pain in Animals Workshop’ to be held at the NIH in November 2017. The aims of the workshop and all other details can be found here:

A big focus of this workshop is exploring outcome measures for naturally occurring painful disease in companion animals as models of the human conditions. Watch this this short video. 

Registration is free. Space is limited! Register here.

Discussion Forum

Follow the steps below to access the Non-Human Pain online discussion forum, Groupsite: 

  • Login into your IASP account
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Scroll down to "My Group Memberships"
  • Click on your listed SIG - "Non-Human Pain"


The SIG maintains an archive of resources which include the following items:

  • Read the Constitution and Bylaws for the Non-Human Pain SIG
  • View results from the 2010 NHS-SIG survey
  • 13th World Congress on Pain Business Meeting Minutes
  • 13th World Congress on Pain SIG Satellite Meeting, Montréal 2010: "Validity and quality of animal models for measurement of pain" (proceedings)
  • 12th World Congress on Pain SIG Satellite Meeting, Glasgow 2008: "Measuring Nociception and Pain in Non-human Species: Beyond the hot-plate and paw pressure test" (proceedings)

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Chair: Jennifer Lofgren (USA)
Past Chair: Duncan Lascelles (USA)
Secretary: Nick Andrews (USA)
Treasurer: Wenlong Huang (UK)

Board Members
Andrew Rice (UK)
Victor Owoyele (Nigeria)
Daniel Pang (Canada)
Mette Herskin (Denmark)
Dale Sandercock (UK)
Constanza Meneses Evans (USA)

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