The purpose and mission of the SIG on Neuromodulation is to:

  • promote interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists, clinicians and other professionals within the health-care networks world-wide in research and clinical application of neuromodulatory treatment strategies;
  • facilitate inter-professional education and training in the field of neuromodulation with particular attention to the clinical application of emergent neuromodulatory techniques for pain and symptom management; and
  • establish a platform and forum for on-going professional discourse in order to address emerging issues and to navigate the development of evidence-based practices and policies.
Newsletters Committees

Education Committee
D. Rasche (Germany)
L. Chipchase (Australia)
H. Smith (USA)
C. Perruchoud (Switzerland)
A. Villareal (USA)

Research Committee
J.J Borckardt (USA)
M. Rosedale (USA)
V. Napadow (USA)
T.H Cheng (USA)

Quality Improvement Committee
M. Raff (South Africa)
B. Van Dorsten (USA)
S. Thomson (UK)
M. Gofeld (USA)

Newsletter Committee
P. Schofield (UK)
D. Nichols (USA)
E. Latorre (Spain)
D. Ciampi (Brazil)

Meetings and Symposia Committee
M. Desai (USA)
A. DaSilva (USA)
N. Fallon (UK)
S. Schabrun (Australia)





Upcoming Meetings

  • SIG Business Meeting
    30 June 2021 - [12:45 - 13:45]
    World Congress on Pain | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Past Meeting(s):

  • Nsuki Annual Scientific Meeting
    Joint Meeting of NSUKI and the IASP Special Interest Group on Neuromodulation
    11-12 November, 2017 | Oxford, United Kingdom

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  • Click on "My Account"
  • Scroll down to "My Group Memberships"
  • Click on your listed SIG - "Neuromodulation"

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Officers [Term 2016-2020]

Chair: Sam Eldabe (United Kingdom)

Vice Chair: N/A

Past Chair: Volker Tronnier (Germany)

Treasurer: Armando Villareal (USA)

Secretary: John Markmann (USA)

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