Pain, Mind, and Movement

The SIG on Pain, Mind, and Movement aims to act as a multidisciplinary forum of communication in order to:

  1. Improve the standard of care provided to patients with disabling pain in order to improve physical and psychological functioning and increase participation in daily life.
  2. Empower health professionals and patients to play active roles in the rehabilitation process.
  3. Encourage basic and clinical research on how mind and movement affect disabling pain.
  4. Facilitate the translation of evidence into clinical practice and to mediate the implementation of new diagnostics and treatments.
  5. Foster communication between researchers, clinicians and patients to drive research and stimulate international study.

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The Pain, Mind and Movement SIG is pleased to present a satellite meeting at the 17th World Congress on Pain. This satellite meeting, Pain, Mind & Movement: Applying science to the clinic, will be held on September 11, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The meeting will include keynote lectures from Marco M. Loggia on Imaging Neuroinflammation in Human Pain Disorders, and Adriaan Louw on Pain Neuroscience Education in Clinical Practice: State of the Art and Future Avenues. There will also be clinical workshops and free paper presentations.

View more information on the meeting. View Satellite Symposium ProgramView book of abstracts.

The Pain, Mind and Movement SIG is pleased to present a topical workshop at the 16th World Congress on Pain. The topic of the workshop is "The Pain, Mind, and Movement Across the Lifespan: Integrating Science into Practice When Treating Pain in Children, Adults, and the Elderly."

This exciting workshop will cover pain, mind, and movement in children, presented by Rickard Wicksell (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden); adults, presented by Lorimer Moseley (University of South Australia, Australia); and the elderly with osteoarthritis, presented by Timothy Wideman (McGill University, Canada).

In addition, the SIG is offering scholarships of US$1,000 to assist with the costs of attending the Congress. Here are the eligibility requirements and application form.

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Chair: Romy Parker (South Africa)
Chair-Elect & Web: Christine Lin (Australia)
Scientific Chair: Jo Nijs (Belgium)
Secretary: Tory Madden (South Africa)
Treasurer: Ivan Huijnen (Netherlands)
Laura Simons (USA)
Enrique Lluch (Spain)

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Michele Sterling (Australia)

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