PAIN Reports®

PAIN Reports CoverPAIN Reports® is an official IASP publication. An online, open access, multidisciplinary journal, PAIN Reports promotes a global, rapid, and readily accessible forum that advances clinical, applied, and basic research on pain. The journal publishes full-length articles as well as brief reports, reviews, meta-analyses, meeting proceedings, and selected case reports. 

PAIN Reports is indexed in PubMed Central. 

PAIN Reports gives special attention to submissions reporting the results of enterprising and high-risk research and pilot studies as well as locally developed clinical guidelines from scientists and clinicians in developing countries. IASP also publishes the journal PAIN.


David Yarnitsky, MD, is the Editor-in-Chief. The Editorial Board consists of Dr. Yarnitsky as well as Section Editors Nadine Attal (France), Karen Davis (Canada), Gregory O. Dussor (USA), and Geert Crombez (Belgium).

The Editorial Board also comprises the following Associate Editors:

Lars Arendt-Nielsen (Denmark) Yelena Granovsky (Israel)
Michel Barrot (France) Jeffrey S. Mogil (Canada)
David Bennett (UK) Volker Neugebauer (USA)
Christine Chambers (Canada) Koichi Noguchi (Japan)
Daniel Ciampi de Andrade (Brazil) Serge Perrot (France)
Luana Colloca (USA) Xue-Jun Song (China)
Patrick M. Dougherty (USA) Michele Sterling (Australia)
Roger Fillingim (USA) Rolf-Detlef Treede (Germany)
Herta Flor (Germany) Ramani Vijayan (Malaysia)
Robert W. Gereau (USA) Kris Vissers (Netherlands)
Michal Granot (Israel)  


The manuscript submission site for PAIN Reports is The site contains instructions and advice on how to use the system, guidance on submitting electronic art, and supporting documentation. 

The journal has incorporated a new feature, the PAIN Reports Journal Club, which encourages trainees in pain research to comment on a recently published article to enhance readers’ understanding by evaluating it critically, placing it in context, and suggesting further lines of inquiry. 

Visit the PAIN Reports website. Questions? Please contact the PAIN Reports Editorial Office.

Thanks to Our Reviewers!

On behalf of the Section Editors of PAIN Reports, and as Editor-in-Chief of the journal, I wish to acknowledge and thank all of the reviewers who have given of their time and expertise to review articles for this new journal.

Reviewing is an invaluable task, one that greatly contributes to the journal’s academic standing and to its place in the world of pain research. This is especially important for a new journal as it struggles to establish itself in a very competitive environment. As of early 2018, reviewers will have provided opinions on nearly 200 manuscripts submitted to the journal, as well as many revisions.

We are also grateful to all authors who choose PAIN Reports to publish their basic and clinical research findings.

Thank you.

David Yarnitsky, MD
Editor-in-Chief, PAIN Reports 

Article processing charges: As an open access, peer-reviewed journal PAIN Reports charges publication fees for each article it publishes. These fees cover the expenses incurred by publication, including the peer-review process, journal production and publication, and hosting and archiving fees. Fees vary by article type, as shown below. IASP members pay a substantially discounted rate. Find out the benefits of IASP membership. Membership will be verified at acceptance.

Tier 1: Full-length Articles, Reviews, Guidelines
IASP Members: $1,950 USD
IASP Members from Emerging Countries: $1,400 USD
Nonmembers: $2,500 USD

Tier 2 - Brief Reports, Commentaries
IASP Members: $1,600 USD
IASP Members from Emerging Countries: $1,400 USD
Nonmembers: $2,000 USD

Tier 3 – Case Reports, Letters to the Editor
IASP Members: $520 USD
Nonmembers: $650 USD

Article types: The journal will only consider publication of work that includes information that is sufficient to permit replication by other laboratories. Manuscripts reporting data from novel chemical probes will not be considered unless the structure and pharmacological characterization, including selectivity and relevant formulation, are reported or directly described in a prior peer-reviewed publication.

The following article types are considered for publication in PAIN Reports.

  • Clinical/Basic Science Research Reports (maximum of 4,000 words)*
  • Brief Reports (maximum 1,500 words)
  • Case Reports/Studies (maximum of 1,500 words)
  • Reviews/Meta-Analyses (maximum of 8,000 words)
  • Letters to the Editor (maximum of 1,000 words)
  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Meeting Proceedings
  • PAIN Reports Journal Club

Articles in the Commentary section are by invitation only (no unsolicited manuscripts accepted) (maximum of 1,500 words)

* All word counts include solely the text, not captions for figures or tables.

PAIN Reports publishes articles under the following sections:

  • Commentaries
  • Review/Meta-analysis
  • General Section
  • Neuropathic
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Acute and Perioperative
  • Cancer and Palliative
  • Headache and Orofacial
  • Pediatric
  • Basic
  • Psychology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pain in the Humanities
  • Regional (geographic)
  • Guidelines
  • Meeting proceedings
  • Correspondence