Swiss Association for the Study of Pain Held Annual Meeting in Basel

Jul 10, 2019

Swiss Association for the Study of Pain Held Annual Meeting in Basel

Submitted by Dr. med. Konrad Maurer, SGSS/SSED/ASSD/SASP President

                     This year, on the third weekend of June, we collaborated with IASP's Pain in Childhood SIG to hold our annual congress during the Education Day of the 2019 ISPP Meeting. In order to bring our society closer to the 250 participants of the Education Day (45% of them from Switzerland), we placed ourselves with a booth between our sponsors. After the official program, our General Assembly held their meeting and made important decisions for our organization, among these decisions was that SGSS, SSED, ASSD, SASP (4 different languages) will now only be called "Swiss Pain Society" (SPS) with corresponding changes to be followed. Our official change of appearance with the new name and corresponding new logo, website, stationery, and other will be launched and scheduled in the next few months. Please note each SPS (formerly SASP) members will have the opportunity to send in a logo idea and participate in the creative process.