Join the newest IASP SIG, Pain in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PIDDSIG)

Jul 10, 2019

Join the new Pain in Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Special Interest Group 

The mission of PIDDSIG: is to advance the awareness, understanding, and treatment of pain among children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).



Individuals with IDD are at increased risk of suffering from pain that is undetected and unmanaged. The often, limited communication abilities of individuals with IDD and the lack of sufficient means to correctly identify pain among these individuals entail a great challenge for clinicians and caregivers to assess and consequently provide effective pain management. The lack of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics data in this population further complicates pain management. At the same time, there is some evidence that individuals with IDD may actually be more sensitive to pain than their peers. This is especially troubling when a persisting belief among clinicians and caregivers holds that individuals with IDD are less sensitive or indifferent to pain and considering reports that individuals with IDD are prescribed with significantly less analgesic medications and receive smaller doses compared to their cognitively intact peers.


Our SIG intends to promote:

  • Education and resources specific to pain assessment and management
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge exchange to advance awareness of the problem of pain for individuals with IDD.
  • The examination of the underlying mechanisms of chronic and acute pain specific to individuals with IDD.
  • Multidisciplinary and multi-site research collaborations.
  • The identification and implementation of strategies, programs, and learning opportunities that support the goal of improving pain management for individuals with IDD internationally.

For more information, visit the SIG page