Elections Now Open for IASP Officers and Councilors

May 7, 2018

IASP members are urged to vote in the biennial election for several leadership positions in the association. Online balloting begins on May 8, for the posts of President-Elect, and Secretary, as well as for five positions on the IASP Council. All Regular and Trainee members in good standing have received an email from an independent vendor with a link to the online ballot. The election site, which contains short bios of each candidate, will remain active until May 31, and results will be announced in June. In addition to the election, members will also be asked to approve revised bylaws.

If you did not receive an email announcing the election or require help in accessing the voting site, please call +1-202-856-7400 or send an email to elections@iasp-pain.org.

Following is the list of candidates:

Michael Gold (USA)
Claudia Sommer (Germany)

Michael Nicholas (Australia)
Michael Rowbotham (USA)

Council Position No. 1
Eloise Carr (Canada)
Debra Gordon (USA) 

Council Position No. 2
Robert Coghill (USA)
Theodore Price (USA)

Council Position No. 3
Nadine Attal (France)
Martin Schmelz (Germany)

Council Positon No. 4
Esther Pogatzki-Zahn (Germany)
Audun Stubhaug (Norway)

Council Position No. 5
Qasim Aziz (United Kingdom)
Jordi Miro (Spain)