New from IASP Press: Pain Management for Older Adults

Mar 14, 2018

IASP Press has published a new book aimed at older adults who need practical information and advice for managing chronic pain. Edited by Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, PhD, RD Psych and Heather D. Hadjistavropoulos, PhD, RD Psych, Pain Management for Older Adults is an easy-to-read, illustrated guide that offers effective techniques, exercises, and methods to improve quality of life. Published in large-print format, the book emphasizes setting realistic goals, resisting negative thoughts, and balancing the focus on mind and body, offering an up-to-date approach to successful pain management. It is ideal for older adults with chronic pain, physicians and health-care providers, and caregivers.

  • Includes self-assessment checklists, progress charts, photos and illustrations, and clear instructions for managing pain.
  • Uses worksheets, bulleted lists, and an easy-to-follow organization to tailor information to older adults' specific needs.
  • Examines the many areas of daily life that affect chronic pain, including relaxation and mood, social support, exercise, the home environment, nutrition, sleep, the physician-patient relationship, and the role of medication.
  • Provides information for caregivers of older adults who have dementia.
  • Discusses many techniques and methods that have been found to be helpful for patients of any age who live with persistent pain.