IASP Honorary Member Stephen J. Morley Has Died

Jul 17, 2017

Stephen J. Morley, teacher, researcher, collaborator, and wise and generous commentator on many areas of pain, died in April at the age of 67. A professor of clinical psychology at the University of Leeds in the UK, Morley was recognized by IASP as an Honorary Member in 2016 for his “exceptional dedication to mentoring health professionals in the psychology of pain.”

An appreciation of Morley and his work, published in PAIN, notes that “as a scientist-practitioner par excellence, Stephen not only wanted to develop understanding but was equally eager to share his ideas with others, clinicians in particular.”

The tribute continues: “Stephen was one of the leading ambassadors for the psychology of pain, a pioneer in pain psychology, whose efforts promoted this field on the international level. At meetings, he invariably reached out to psychologists from other countries, reading their work, discussing it with them over coffee, welcoming them, and introducing them to key figures in the field of pain psychology.  Through these efforts, he fostered many new collaborative relationships, and drew people into involvement in international organizations dedicated to basic and applied pain research, such as IASP.”