China Unveils Medical Education System’s First Comprehensive Pain Center

May 17, 2017

China has established the Center for Pain Medicine at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen, the first free-standing center and department of pain medicine in the Chinese medical education system.

The center will integrate basic and clinical research into undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate education and training and will incorporate an institute of pain neurobiology, clinical centers for pain management, and a center for pain education. Organizers are planning an annual conference, the SUSTech International Forum of Pain Medicine, to enable international pain leaders to learn about this model center and to facilitate learning and sharing of information across countries about pain research, education, and treatment.

The leadership of the Chinese Association for the Study of Pain (CASP) has supported the center from the outset, led by CASP Honorary Director and IASP Honorary Member Dr. Jisheng Han and CASP Director Dr. Xue-Jun Song. The two were instrumental in establishing the first center of pain medicine at Peking University in 2013, and SUSTech is an important step forward for pain medicine in China.