Mexico City Hospital Launches Country’s First Multidisciplinary Acute Pain Clinic

May 16, 2017

Mexico launched its first multidisciplinary postoperative acute pain unit in March. The clinic is part of the General Hospital Dr. Manuel Gea González in Mexico City, under the direction of Dr. Victor Manuel Esquivel Rodríguez.

The clinic’s mission is to treat pain as a human right, work in a multidisciplinary way to control postoperative pain, and contribute to the training of health personnel to achieve a favorable growth environment with quality in our institution.

Clinic officials hope to achieve national leadership in the detection of risk factors, transanesthesia, and postoperative management of acute postoperative pain, as well as training health personnel to reduce complications derived from the treatment of acute pain.

The clinic plans three phases of intervention: preventive analgesia, transanesthetic management, and postoperative analgesia. The postoperative management phase has been fully started, and a manual of procedures and training is preparing clinicians for the other services. Twenty days after the clinic was established, 276 postoperative patients were evaluated and treated, and fundamental pharmacovigilance and training actions begun.

Organizers of the clinic included:

  • Dr. Templos Esteban Luz Adriana, physician assigned to the Division of Palliative Care and Clinic of Pain
  • Nancy Elizabeth Rangel Domínguez, psychologist attached to the Division of Palliative Care and Pain Clinic
  • Dr. Víctor Manuel Esquivel Rodríguez, assistant director of anesthesia, Pain Clinic and Intensive Care
  • Dr. Hilario Gutiérrez Ácar, head of Anesthesiology Division
  • Dr. Magdalena Salado Avila, head of Division of Palliative Care and Pain Clinic