Two Editions of Pain: Clinical Updates Published in Connection with Global Year Against Pain in the Joints

Mar 29, 2016

Two new editions of Pain: Clinical Updates published in connection with the Global Year Against Pain in the Joints offer help for clinicians.

2016GYLogo300"Moving on to Movement in Patients with Chronic Joint Pain," by Mira Meeus, Jo Nijs, Paul Van Wilgen, Suzie Noten, Dorien Goubert, and Ivan Huijnen, notes that evidence for different therapy modalities -- from surgery to medication to manual techniques -- within the clinical guidelines for osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain, or fibromyalgia is often scarce or even conflicting. The sole modality that is always appropriate for chronic joint pain is physical activity or exercise. Clinicians often emphasize the relevance of both exercise and physical activity to manage joint pain, yet they often struggle to implement exercise interventions in clinical practice, especially for patients with chronic pain. The authors address what makes this so difficult, what are the barriers, and how clinicians can deal with them.

"Targeting Pain or Osteoarthritis? Implications for Optimal Management of Osteoarthritis Pain," by Serge Perrot, summarizes the most pertinent discussions and findings over the last 15 years on osteoarthritis. He notes that experts expect that future treatments for osteoarthritis pain will be developed more specifically according to OA pain pathophysiology and asks whether we should treat pain or osteoarthritis.