At Commemoration of First IASP Congress, a Remembrance of Great Teachers

Dec 14, 2015

Italy 40 meeting

A group of pain specialists met in Florence, Italy, earlier this month to review progress in the field and discuss new themes. Nothing unusual about such a meeting—except that this particular group was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first IASP Congress. Those gathered recalled the great teachers of 40 years ago one after the other, shared old photos, swapped fond memories, and made new friends and colleagues.

A bit of history is in order: In 1972, Paolo Procacci organized a successful meeting in Florence and invited John Bonica, who went on to create IASP, and a number of Italian scientists. Bonica was much impressed not only by the excellent organization but also by the city’s splendor and Procacci himself, who was a fantastic tour guide of the city and its museums. The following year, Procacci visited Bonica in the United States and convinced him to organize the First International Meeting of the Society in Florence.

Fast forward to 2015, when Drs. Giancarlo Carli and Anna Maria Aloisi (pictured above), longtime friends of the Procacci family, thought it would be a good idea to organize a reunion to commemorate the first Congress.