Chilean Congress Marks Chapter’s 25 Years and Inaugural Palliative Care Congress

Dec 8, 2015

Last month, the 10th Pain Congress of IASP’s Chilean chapter included two important events: the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of Asociación Chilena para el Estudio del Dolor(ACHED) and the addition of palliative care to the topics of the First Chilean Congress on Palliative Care, organized and run by ACHED.

The congress included 21 speakers from outside Chile and 67 from various hospitals and universities in the country. More than 500 attendees took part in an exciting program of high scientific quality that included plenary lectures, workshops, and posters on topics addressing pain research and management from a multidisciplinary perspective. The abstracts of all presentations are available on the ACHED website and are published in its journal El Dolor.

The speakers included Fernando Cervero, IASP past-president and Latin America liaison; Claudia Sommer IASP councilor; Liliana de Lima, executive director of the International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care and recent John Loeser Lecturer; Gary Rodin and Juan Francisco Asenjo from Canada; Paul Bascom and Rodrigo Noseda from the United States; and many others from Holland, Spain, and of course, Chile.

A particularly momentous event was the presentation of the initial results of a comprehensive study of the burden of disease of non-cancer chronic pain in Chile. This study is being carried out by researchers of the Universidad Catolica de Chile following an initiative of ACHED. The overall objective, soon to be reached, is to present a comprehensive map of the burden of chronic pain to the health authorities in Chile to press for better directed resources.

The congress was run under the able direction of Maria Eliana Eberhard (for the pain program) and Marisol Ahumada (for the palliative care component), both members of the board of ACHED, under the guidance of ACHED President Norberto Bilbeny.