Somayyeh Mohammadi Has Won the 2015 John J. Bonica Trainee Fellowship

Sep 2, 2015

Somayyeh MohammadiSomayyeh Mohammadi, a PhD student in health psychology at University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands, has been named winner of the 2015 John J. Bonica Trainee Fellowship. The IASP Fellowships, Grants, and Awards Working Group chose her from among nine finalists.

The topic of Mohammadi’s research is the “Investigating the role of risk and protective factors in the association between parental pain and children’s well-being.” She will study at the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research, IWK Health Centre, Halifax, Canada, under the mentorship of Dr. Christine Chambers.

IASP established the John J. Bonica Trainee Fellowship Program in 1998 to honor the lifetime of leadership of the organization’s founder in promoting pain management research and education. The program provides financial support, training, and mentorship over a two-year period for post-doctoral candidates in the field of pain research. Since its founding, the program has forged an important path for participants and research institutions to broaden participants’ research experience and expand their professional networks.

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