Winners for IASP Collaborative Grants and Research Symposium Selected

Jun 24, 2014

The IASP Fellowships, Grants, and Awards Working Group has announced the winners for the IASP Collaborative Research Grant, IASP Developed-Developing Countries Collaborative Research Grant, and IASP Research Symposium. Here is the list of winners and their projects:

IASP Collaborative Research Grant

Project: Adrenergic System Involvement in Urinary Bladder Pain

Lori Birder

Francisco Cruz

Dr. Lori Birder
University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine (USA)
Dr. Francisco Cruz
University of Porto (PORTUGAL)

Project: PARTNERD Study - PARasympathetic modulaTion in Non-Erosive Reflux Disease

Adam Farmer

Asbjorn Drewes

Qasim Aziz

Dr. Adam Farmer
Wingate Institute of

Dr. Asbjorn Drewes
Aalborg University Hospital

Dr. Quasim Aziz
Wingate Institute of
Neurogastroenterology (UK)

Project: Exploring psychobiological predictors of chronic neck pain: an international collaborative study

David Walton

Siobhan Schabrun


Dr. David Walton
The University of Western
Ontario (CANADA)
Dr. Siobhan Schabrun
University of Western Sydney

IASP Developed-Developing Countries Collaborative Research Grant

Project: Be Sweet to Babies: Increasing use of effective pain management strategies for newborn infants in Brazil

Denise Harrison

Mariana Bueno

Ricardo Carbajal

Dr. Denise Harrison
University of Ottawa and
Children's Hospital of Eastern
Ontario (CANADA)
Dr. Mariana Bueno
Federal University of
Minas Gerais (BRAZIL)

Dr. Ricardo Carbajal
Université Pierre et Marie
Curie and Hôpital Armand
Trousseau (FRANCE)

IASP Research Symposium

Title: Osteoarthritis Pain -- Place/Date: Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, September 2015

Camilla Svensson

Anne-Marie Malfait

Dr. Camilla Svensson
Karolinska Institutet (SWEDEN)
Dr. Anne-Marie Malfait
Rush University Medical Center