Collaborative Research Grant Winners Publish Paper on Neonatal Pain Response

Sep 24, 2020
IASP Collaborative Research Grant recipients Maria Fitzgerald (University College London, UK) and Rebecca Pillai Riddell (York University, Canada) are part of the group of authors of the recently published paper "The impact of parental contact upon cortical noxious‐related activity in human neonates" that arose from the study "Investigating the Influence of Caregiver Soothing upon Infant Cortical Pain Processing" for which they received the grant in 2017. The researchers conclude that "there was more activity in the brains of newborn babies in reaction to the pain when a parent was holding them through clothing, than without clothing." 

The study noted that being held by a parent with skin-to-skin contact reduces how strongly a newborn baby’s brain responds to a painful medical jab. 

"Our findings may lend new insights into how babies learn to process threats, as they are particularly sensitive to maternal cues," said first author Laura Jones (University College London, UK). 

IASP Collaborative Research Grants provide support for international interdisciplinary pain research collaborations between at least two countries with an emphasis on collaborations among basic, translational, and clinical scientists.

Read the full press release from University College London (UCL).