RELIEF Highlights

Aug 19, 2020




Multidisciplinary Pain Care: A Teamwork Approach with the Patient Front and Center

Experts say having a diverse group of healthcare professionals, working with patients who feel empowered to manage their own condition, is the best way forward to tackle the problem of chronic pain.

Managing Pain in Kids: What We Know and What We Don’t Know

A new study examines the strength of the evidence for different interventions for pediatric pain and where the gaps in knowledge are.

A Ten-Year Anniversary: Reflecting on the Declaration of Montreal

One decade ago, pain stakeholders from across the globe called for the world to recognize that access to pain management is a fundamental human right. How has the Declaration of Montreal influenced pain research and treatment in the years since?

Higher Pain Ratings in African Americans Rooted in Discrimination

Brain imaging suggests ethnic differences in pain stem from life experience, not the biology of the pain system.

Providers’ Expectations Directly Transmit Placebo Effects to Patients via Facial Expressions

A new study shows that social transmission of placebo effects via subtle facial cues decreases experimental heat pain.



Improving Musculoskeletal Pain Care in Brazil Through Education: An Interview with Physiotherapist-Turned-Researcher Felipe Reis

In this exclusive RELIEF interview, Reis discusses his path to pain research, the challenges associated with musculoskeletal pain, the pain landscape in Brazil, and more.

Managing Chronic Pain during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Patient Perspective

In this exclusive RELIEF interview, patient advocate Billie Jo Bogden discusses the challenges of dealing with chronic pain during the coronavirus crisis.

Chronic Pain and the Immune System: A Podcast with Annemieke Kavelaars

In this exclusive RELIEF podcast, Annemieke Kavelaars, a professor and researcher at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, discusses the connection between chronic pain and the immune system.

Understanding Pain Through Lived Experience

Childhood cancer changes the pain experience for survivors and parents.

Understanding Touch and Pain Sensation: A Podcast with Alexander Chesler

In this RELIEF podcast, the NIH's Alexander Chesler discusses how somatosensation works and what happens in the nervous system when it goes awry.