Incorporating the Lived Experience of Pain into the Study of Pain

Mar 18, 2020

The co-chairs of the Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates (GAPPA), Blair Smith (UK) and Joletta Belton (USA) recently wrote an op-ed discussing a new initiative aiming to advance pain research and care by incorporating the perspectives of people who have lived with or have been affected by pain. 

"Those who have lived with pain or cared for someone in pain provide valuable insights into the experience of pain and into living well with or recovering from pain. We can’t gain these insights from anywhere else. They are essential in determining the most appropriate management approaches, and even more so in targeting priorities for research, designing effective studies, and implementing research into health care practice," say Smith and Belton. 

Read the full op-ed on RELIEF, the sister site to IASP's Pain Research Forum, that brings the latest scientific developments into simple language for the understanding of patients and the wider public, by clicking here