Publishing with IASP Press

IASP Press is the publishing arm of the International Association for the Study of Pain. Its goal is to provide timely, high-quality publications for scientists and clinicians alike. IASP Press partners with Wolters Kluwer to publish an outstanding roster of books in various pain-related fields.


Why Publish with IASP Press?

IASP Press upholds IASP’s mission of bringing together scientists, clinicians, health-care providers, and policymakers to stimulate and support the study of pain and to translate that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide. Since its founding in 1973, IASP has been the leader in supporting professionals in the field of pain.

Publishing with IASP Press guarantees a ready audience of more than 7,000 international health professionals. Contributors have the direct support of our in-house Publications Director, our Editor-in-Chief, and the publishing team of Wolters Kluwer. The volume editors enjoy a royalty, three free copies of their book, and a discount on subsequent copies. Chapter authors receive one free copy.


How to Submit a Book Proposal

IASP Press accepts book proposals throughout the year at Please include the following items in your book proposal:

  1. Names and titles of authors/editors
  2. Type of authorship: single or multiple authors/editors
  3. Type of publication, including whether the book is original or based on proceedings of a meeting
  4. Table of contents or chapter outline
  5. Contributors, where applicable (including full names, degrees, and professional affiliations)
  6. Proposed number of pages and illustrations
  7. Assessment of the need that the proposed book will fulfill
  8. Description of similar works in the current literature or known to be in preparation
  9. The date you expect to submit manuscripts to IASP Press
  10. A curriculum vitae (CV) for each of the volume editors or authors (not chapter authors), including contact information, place of birth, citizenship, work history, academic positions, research, training, education, professional qualifications, awards, and selected publications

How IASP Will Respond to Your Proposal

Your book proposal will go to the Editor-in-Chief, who will recommend two reviewers. The comments of the Editor- in-Chief and reviewers will go to our Advisory Board to receive a recommendation on acceptance. If your proposal is accepted, IASP will issue a formal publication contract.


Sales and Marketing

Wolters Kluwer will promote your book through various means to IASP’s membership, members of other associations, and the general public. Books are available through the IASP Bookstore operated by Wolters Kluwer and will appear on Amazon as well. IASP will advertise your book in Pain: E-Monthly, in the journal PAIN, on our website, and at the World Congress on Pain.


Need More Information?

For further details on submitting a book proposal, send an email IASP at or call us at +1 202-856-7400.