Frequently Asked Questions about PAIN

General Information

How often is PAIN published?

PAIN is published monthly, 12 times each year. In addition, supplements or other special issues may be published.

Who is the Editor-in-Chief of PAIN?

Francis J. Keefe is the Editor-in-Chief of PAIN. Click here to view the other members of the PAIN Editorial Board.

How many people read PAIN?

A subscription to PAIN is one benefit of membership in IASP, which means more than 7,000 individuals have access to the journal. In addition to those who access the journal electronically, approximately 3,500 paper issues of PAIN are mailed monthly.

What is the current Impact Factor of PAIN?

Our official journal Impact Factor now stands at 5.559. The Impact Factor measures, among other criteria, how often our journal articles are cited during a given time period. PAIN is among the premier pain journals, and is also highly ranked in other journal categories.

Submitting a Manuscript

What types of manuscripts does PAIN consider?

PAIN considers the following types of manuscripts:

  • Clinical/Basic Science Research Reports
  • Clinical Notes (brief reports on clinical cases)
  • Comprehensive Reviews
  • Topical Reviews (invited only)
  • Commentaries (invited only)
  • Letters to the Editor

For further information, see the Instructions for Authors.

How can I submit my manuscript?

All manuscripts must be submitted to PAIN via the Editorial Manager System (EM) at

Do I need to be an IASP member to submit a manuscript to PAIN?

No; however, membership in IASP offers many great benefits and opportunities.

What reference format does PAIN use?

PAIN uses a modified Vancouver reference style, with citation of literature references in the text using numbers that correspond to an alphabetized and numbered reference list: "Pain is made worse if you hit the already injured site [15]." Details on reference formatting are provided in the Instructions for Authors under each article type.

How can I submit an image for the PAIN cover?

We are always looking for potential cover images for the journal. If you have an image that you would like us to consider, please email a high resolution to


I am having trouble uploading my manuscript via EM. What can I do?

For login and other technical issues (e.g., account consolidation errors, password reset, PDF build errors), and non-technical issues and general questions on a submission, please contact the Editorial Office at Be as specific as possible with your issue and include the text of any error messages received during the upload process, if applicable.

EM appears to be down. What should I do?

EM undergoes periodic maintenance that is scheduled and handled by Wolters Kluwer; these maintenance dates are noted on the EM site, usually in an alert at the top of the page. When EM is down, it is also down for the Editorial Office. If you have trouble accessing EM and it is not during a scheduled maintenance date, please contact the Editorial Office at or +1-202-856-7400.

After You Submit a Manuscript

When will I receive confirmation that my submission was received?

The corresponding author will receive an email confirming that the manuscript has been successfully submitted. If you are the corresponding author and did not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk mail or spam folder (confirmation messages are sometimes filtered into these folders, depending on your email provider) before contacting PAIN. After checking these folders, if you are still unable to determine the status of your submission, please contact the Editorial Office at

How long does it take to get a first decision after submission to PAIN?

You should expect to wait approximately 18 days for a first decision on your manuscript. Please keep in mind that this wait time varies, as it depends on the speed of reviewer and editor responses.

How can I check the status of my manuscript?

Please log in to EM as an author. New submissions appear in the "Submissions Being Processed" section. Revised submissions appear in the “Revisions Being Processed” section. Click to enter the appropriate section. Submission status is listed in the "Current Status" column. If you are not able to determine the status of your submission, please contact the Editorial Office at

Media Inquiries and Advertising/Press Releases

I have some questions about PAIN. Who can I contact?

General information about PAIN appears on the official journal site, run by Wolters Kluwer:
If you have additional questions, please contact IASP directly by email at or by telephone at +1-202-856-7400.

How can I advertise in PAIN?

Visit the Wolters Kluwer Media page for PAIN for pricing and contact information.

Does PAIN publish press releases?

Wolters Kluwer distributes periodic press releases about PAIN; however, PAIN is a peer-reviewed journal and does not publish press releases as part of its contents.

My organization funded the research presented in a manuscript that was accepted for publication in PAIN, and we would like to issue our own press release. Who can I contact?

Please send your press release inquiry to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate department.


Where can I find information on reprints for PAIN articles?

Visit the Wolters Kluwer Reprints page to request a quote for reprints.


How do I request permission to reproduce material published in PAIN?

IASP holds the rights to the content of all PAIN manuscripts. Please complete the online copyright permission request form.

Subscription Issues

I did not receive my copy of PAIN. Who should I contact?

Please contact IASP Membership at

I would like to cancel my subscription to PAIN. Who should I contact?

If you are a member of IASP and no longer wish to receive a paper copy of PAIN, please contact IASP Membership at