IASP Hall of Champions

Thank you for referring a colleague to join IASP! Your dedication to our field is what drives IASP’s growth, and we are grateful for your service.

To be inducted into the IASP Hall of Champions, help foster the future of IASP. Refer a friend today!

New Inductees to the 2017 Class in the IASP Hall of Champions

Brian Schmidt
Michael Cousins
Steven Weisman
Olivia Ong
Parmanand Jain


Our 2017 IASP Champions
Eleaine Moraes
Eliseth Leao
Browyn Thompson
Juliana Stuginski-Barbosa
Deniz Bagdas
Benjamin Dominguez Trejo
Giles Lavigne
Roger Fillingim
Ian Gilron
Srinivasa Raja
Thiago Mattar Cunha