University of Sydney

Type: Degree/Diploma/Certificate (Online)
Country: Australia

Qualification on completion: Graduate Masters, Diploma, Certificate in Pain Management; Orofacial pathway starting in 2018

Pre-requisite qualifications: Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a health science, or evidence of academic or professional qualifications deemed suitable.

Intended Participants (Discipline): Any Health Discipline, including Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Basic Science, Counsellors, Rehabilitation providers

Format (online, face to face, blended): Online

Style (case-based, readings, mixed cases & readings, discussion groups): Students are provided with comprehensive study guides, content videos, core readings, quizzes, web resources and assignment guides. The content is augmented by structured online discussion tasks (small group activities) and case-based study. 

Length (hours per week, number of weeks, or years): Part-time, it is 15-20 hrs a week for 2 units of study per semester (2 semesters a year). Graduate Certificate takes 12 months, a Diploma 18 months, and a Masters 24 months.

Mentoring or Supervision (for skills): Interactions with content experts and faculty via discussion boards and email, with opportunities to attend face to face workshops (at reduced rates), webinar skills training courses, and multidisciplinary pain clinic (as observors)

Content Consistent with any IASP curriculum: Content based on IASP Core Interprofessional Curriculum

Evaluation - Format (exams, assignments, participation, combination): Written assignments, short-answer and multiple choice quizzes, participation in online discussion boards, compelting of Capstone unit (Masters only)

Evaluation - Nature (competencies, knowledge, or both): Demonstration of knowledge and application to clinical cases for competency.

Accreditation or Endorsement For CME/CPD points, or for Content, e.g., by IASP): Endorsed by IASP in 2015, and can be used for CPD points according to profession-specific requirements.