University of Alberta

Type: Certificate
Country: Canada

Qualification on completion: Post Graduate Certificate in Pain (PgCPain)

Pre-requisite qualifications: Undergraduate degree. Must meet criteria of School of Graduate Studies

Intended Participants (Discipline): Interprofessional - physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and other health professionals with an interest in pain management 

Format (online, face to face, blended): 100% distance based - Synchronous and Asyncronous online participation

Style (case-based, readings, mixed cases & readings, discussion groups): Online lectures, case studies, self-directed study and team assignments, webinars, online discussions

Length (hours per week, number of weeks, or years): Three 3-credit graduate courses (39 hours/course).  Total of 117 hours of content across the program.  This program is designed so all three courses can be completed in as little as 18 months OR 1 course can be taken per year and completed over 3 years 

Mentoring or Supervision (for skills): Assignments and topic discussion mentored by content experts.

Content Consistent with any IASP curriculum: This Certificate provides an opportunity for practicing clinicians to learn with- from- and about each other to address the multi-dimensional nature of both acute and chronic pain, with an emphasis on complex/chronic pain. Registrants completing the program will: adapt and use an interprofessional approach to pain management through an understanding of the unique and shared roles and responsibilities of various professionals,  use critical thinking and evidence-based approaches to develop assessment and comprehensive management plans, use a bio-psycho-social clinical reasoning framework which integrates information across models in the assessment and management of pain.

Evaluation - Format (exams, assignments, participation, combination): Individual assignments, self-reflection, group assignment, formative quizzes

Evaluation - Nature (competencies, knowledge, or both): Evaluation of competencies and knowledge

Accreditation or Endorsement For CME/CPD points, or for Content, e.g., by IASP): The courses can be used towards:
1. Credentialing through Canadian Academy of Pain Management (CAPM)
2. Cert+ credits through the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) through 'university programs' as well as 'linking learning to practice' submissions.