Winners: IASP Collaborative Research Grants


Dr. Giandomenico Iannetti (Italy), Dr. André Mouraux (Belgium), and Dr. Cédric Lenoir (United Kingdom), Development of a novel noninvasive method to monitor spinal cord activity in humans


Dr. Donald Simone (USA), Dr. Vadym Biloshytsky (Ukraine), Dr. Dmytro Ishchenko (Ukraine), Dr. Sergey Khasabov (USA), and Dr. Iryna Khasabova (USA), Contribution of Endocannabinoid Signaling to the Antihyperalgesic Effect of Spinal Cord Stimulation in a Model of Neuropathic Pain


Dr. Sylvia Gustin (Australia),  Dr. Zina Trost (USA), Identifying Cortical Mechanisms of Virtual Reality Walking Intervention for Neuropathic Pain in Spinal Cord Injury
Dr. Benedict Kolber (USA), Dr. Kevin Tidgewell (USA), Dr. Telesphore Nguelefack (Cameroon), Using Ethnopharmacological Knowledge from Cameroon to Develop Novel Sigma 2 Receptor Agonists for Pain Treatment


Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell (Canda), Dr. Maria Fitzgerald (United Kingdom), Investigating the Influence of Caregiver Soothing upon Infant Cortical Pain Processing
Dr. Massieh Moayedi (Canada). Dr. Jenny Lewis (United Kingdom), Dr. Irit Weissman-Fogel (Israel), Dr. Jonathan Downar (Canada), Non-invasive brain stimulation to target neural underpinnings of body perception to treat complex regional pain syndrome


Dr. Irina Vetter (Australia) and Dr. Sulayman Dib-Hajj (USA), The role of NaV1.6 in peripheral pain pathways
Kathleen Sluka (USA) and Lorimer Moseley (Australia), Mechanism-based treatment approach to chronic tendinopathy pain


Dr. Tine Vervoort (Belgium) and Dr Zina Trost (USA), It's Not Fair: Emotion Dynamics and Impact of Parental Appraisals of Injustice in the Context of Pediatric Pain
Dr. Marc Suter (Switzerland) and Dr Violeta Ristoiu (Romania), Targeting Microglial Potassium Channels to Treat Pain


David Seminowicz (USA) and Ali Mazaheri (The Netherlands)
Robert Edwards (USA) and Lars Arendt-Nielsen (Denmark)


Yves De Koninck (Canada), Anders Nykjaer (Denmark), and Christian Bjerggaard Vaegter (Denmark)
Pablo Brumovsky (Argentina) and Graciela Rovner (Sweden)
Petra Schweinhardt (Canada), Herta Flor (Germany), and Susanne Becker (Germany)


Jonathan Brooks (UK) and Nanna Finnerup (Denmark)
Terence Coderre (Canada) and Frank Huygen (Netherlands)
Jean-Francois Perrier (Denmark), Raul E. Russo (Uruguay), and Rodolfo Delgama-Lezama (Mexico)


C. Sommer (Germany) and S. Waxman (USA)
R. Harberberger (Australia) and M. Kress (Germany)
E. Vandenkerkhof (Canada), M. Peters (Netherlands) and J. Bruce (UK)


E. Pogatzki-Zahn (Germany) and J. Eisenach (USA)
L. Watkins (USA) and S. J. Lee (Korea)
T. Palermo (USA) and C. Eccleston (UK)


E. Carstens (USA) and A. Ikoma (Japan)
J. Hush (Australia) and S. Mackey (USA)
D. Finn (Ireland) and S. Hunt (UK)


Gunnar Wasner (Germany) and Elspeth McLachlan (Australia)
Luana Colloca, Fabrizio Benedetti (Italy), with Martin Ingvar, Pedrag Petrovic and Eva Kosek (Sweden) and Tor Wager (USA)
Walter Magerl (Germany) and Mark Drangsholt (USA)


Ru-Rong Ji (USA) and Isabelle Decosterd (Switzerland)
Michaela Kress (Austria) and Rainer V. Haberberger with Ian Gibbins (Australia)
Osamu Komiyama (Japan) and A. De Laat (Belgium)


Andrew Somogyi (Australia) and Linda Watkins (USA)
Robert Edwards (USA) and Irene Tracey (UK)
Victor Tortorici (Venezuela) and Frank Porreca (USA)


M. Schmelz (Germany), E. Torebjork (Sweden), H. Handwerker (Germany), M. Hillige (Sweden), and E. Jorum (Norway)
P. Svensson (Denmark) and B. Cairns (Canada)
M. Koltzenburg (UK) and P. Ernfors (Sweden)


Maria Fitzgerald (UK) and Christiane Hermann (Germany)
Ruthi Defrin-Assa (Israel) and Karen Davis (Canada)
Mary Eaton (USA) and Yves Lazorthes with Jean-Paul Herman (France)


Yara Cury (Brazil) and Linda Watkins (USA)
David Rowbotham (UK) and Domenico Regoli (Italy)


Earl Carstens (USA) and Yves Boucher (France)
Kaj Fried (Sweden) and Marshall Devor (Israel)