Winners: IASP Research Symposium


"Whiplash Injury: A Model for Development of Chronic Pain? A Symposium on Mechanisms of Chronicity," Proposed dates: March 21-23, 2014, Aarhus, Denmark. Organizers: Helge Kasch, Troels Staehelin Jensen.


"Brain and Pain: Researching Pain Persistence after Surgery," November 7-9, 2013, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Organizers: Oliver Wilder-Smith, Kris Vissers, and David Yarnitsky.


"The Genetics of Pain: Science, Medicine and Drug Development," February 7-9, 2012, Miami Beach, FL, USA. Organizers: Inna Belfer, Luda Diatchenko, Michael Costigan, William Lariviere, and Roy Levitt.


"Understanding mechanisms of chronic pain," October 16-17, 2011, Shanghai, China. Organizers: Min Zhuo, Zhang Xu, Megumu Yoshimura, and GF Gebhart.


"A Global Problem: Cancer Pain from the Laboratory to the Bedside," June 4-5, 2009, Chicago, USA. Organizers: Judith Paice, Rae Bell, Eija Kalso, and Olaitan Soyannwo.


"Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Pain," May 16-18, 2007, Aalborg, Denmark. Organizers: Thomas Graven-Nielsen and Lars Arendt-Nielsen.


"Post-stroke Pain - Retrospective and Prospective," June 7-9, 2006, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Organizers: James Henry and Akbar Panju.
"ICECAP Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses in Pain Lessons from the Past Leading to Pathways for the Future," September 18-20, 2006, Alicante, Spain. Organizer: Henry McQuay.


"Hyperalgesias: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Implications," September 6-9, 2003, Erlangen, Germany. Organizers: Kay Brune and Hermann Handwerker.


"Spinal Cord Injury Pain: The Clinical Problem and Experimental Studies," April 16-18, 2001, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Organizers: R.P. Yezierski and K.J. Burchiel.


"Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Current Research on Mechanisms & Diagnosis," Oct. 5-7, 2000, Cardiff, UK. Organizers: R.N. Harden, R. Baron, S. Bruehl, and B. Galer.


"Opioid Sensitivity of Chronic Noncancer Pain," Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 1998, Helsinki, Finland. Organizers: E. Kalso, H.J. McQuay, and Z. Wiesenfeld-Hallin.