Winners: Early Career Grants funded by the Scan|Design Foundation


Joukje Oosterman (The Netherlands) Project: An inhibition approach to chronic pain
Susanne Becker (Germany) Project: Pain and reward: decision-making under conflicting motivations, the role of dopamine, and neural correlates
Zina Trost (USA) Project: The role of perceived injustice in pain and disability
Benedict Kolber (USA) Project: Probing the role of hemispheric lateralization in the modulation of bladder pain


Meeus, Mira (Belgium) Project: Unraveling impaired pain inhibition in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and central sensitivity syndromes: a series of experiments examining the opioid system
Zhiyang, Song (Sweden) Project: Development of a bionanotechological system for chronic pain treatment.


Schabrun, Siobhan (Australia) Project: Understanding the transition from acute to chronic pain
Suter, Marc (Switzerland) Project: Microglia in pain: from cell to patient.


Slater, Rebeccah (UK) Project: To provide a better understanding of the infant pain experience by performing fMRI scans on infants while they undergo noxious procedures
Verri, Waldiceu (Brazil) Project: Investigation of the role of IL-33 in innate inflammation-induced hyperalgesia and chronic constriction injury of the sciatic nerve-induced pain in mice


William Gibson (W. Australia) Project: Temporal neuroplastic modulation of motor control parameters associated with nociceptive afferent inputs in healthy, acute experimental, chronic and extinguished pain conditions
Steven Prescott (USA) Project: Pain processing by neural networks: A critical link between the molecular and perceptual changes associated with neuropathic pain