Dr. Vladimir Romanenko (Ukraine)

2016 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Implementing IASP core curriculum in medical student undergraduate education in Ukriane"

Summary:Dr. Vladimir Romanenko (Ukraine)

The course lasts one full day (8 hours) on weekend and repeats every two weeks. It is expected to have about 100 medical students at each of 18 different medical schools of Ukraine.

The course includes lectures and clinical case presentations. Power point slides, videos, printed materials and flashcards will be used to help participants understand the concepts more easily.

Course topics will cover:

  • Basic science about pain, basic terminologies, definition of pain  Nociception, Nociceptors, Control of pain at spinal cord level, Modulation of pain at brain.
  • Acute and Chronic pain, common diagnosis, clinical features, risk factors and prognosis.
  • Matrix of contributors to pain including psychological factors, stress level etc. 
  • Concept of pain without nociception, sensitization at the peripheral and central level. 
  • Methods for pain assessment and measurement. 
  • Principles of pain classification. 
  • Diagnosis of pain, including instrumental methods. 
  • Role of life style, physical activity, nutrition and recreation in management of pain. 
  • Pharmacological methods of pain treatment. 
  • Mini-invasive manipulations in pain management. 
  • Basics of exercises, relaxation techniques and strength training methods. 
  • Coping up strategies for pain patients (CBT, yoga, pacing techniques etc.)

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