Dr. Andrew Kwikiriza (Uganda)

2016 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Improving burn and wound care associated pain through the development of focused educational initiatives and analgesia protocols in Mbarara Uganda."

Summary:Dr. Andrew Kwikiriza (Uganda)

The vast majority of burn wounds and traumatic and post-operative wounds are managed in LMICs. Unfortunately, most of these wounds are managed in hospital and clinics where the health care providers are not appropriately educated on the importance of procedural analgesia and where no management protocols exist to guide health care providers in providing adequate and safe procedural analgesia.

At Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, a 600-bed government funded hospital in Uganda, there are an overwhelming number of patients with burn wounds and open wounds related to trauma or recent surgery. The vast majority of these wounds are dressed and cared for with little to no analgesia. We propose instituting focused educational sessions and management protocols to empower health care providers to provide adequate and safe procedural analgesia. This will be accomplished by a combination of lectures, small group discussions and the institution of dedicated management protocols that will be made easily available throughout the hospital. Pre- and post-intervention data will be collected to determine the type and timing of analgesia being provided at the time of wound care and surveys will be administered to determine patient satisfaction with pain control during wound care and physician comfort with administering procedural analgesia.

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