Ms. Lingxiao Wang (China)

2016 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"A Multidisciplinary Pain Education Course on Managing Osteoarthritis Pain for Primary Health Providers in Guangzhou, China"

Summary:Ms. Lingxiao Wang (China)

The total project will last seven months on primary healthcare providers who are interested in OA pain management including three stages. Stage 1, sixteen hours of theoretical learning through web-based educational at the first two weeks, including multidimensional nature of pain, pain assessment and measurement, pain management, education of pain for patients and families, OA pain management strategy and quality improvement for pain management. Stage 2, twenty hours of practice training through face-to-face instruction by a multidisciplinary team at the second month, including 8-hour workshop for short lectures, problem-based learning, interactive case study discussions, 4-hour brainstorming session to identify pain management barriers, 4-hour ward rounds and 4-hour free medical consultation and health service focused on OA patients led by professors at least once for each hospital. Stage 3, providing a special handbook on OA pain management to the participants as a work guideline at the third month. In addition, there will be online chat rooms to receive feedback and deal with questions for participants through the whole program. 

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