Dr. Eliseth Leao (Brazil)

2016 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Identification and Treatment of Homeless Pain"

Summary:Dr. Eliseth Leao (Brazil)

This project is complementary part of a professional master's project in nursing. This is the first initiative on homeless pain related with web-based educational program in Brazil, to be offered to health professionals across the country. The project aims to educate the multidisciplinary caretaker to have a better understanding of pain care of homeless people.

This educational project gathers two educational strategies about pain management: a multiprofessional distance-learning course, and a primer on homeless pain. Besides, a homeless pain pin (Homeless pain: let's talk about it? IASP granted) will be designed and made as milestone of this educational activity in our country. The project is intended to cover 144 Street Clinic Teams in which employs more than 1800 health professionals.

This web-based course will be available in an open access website.This initiative seeks to expand access to qualified information, but mostly a reflection on the theme of pain, and raising awareness among professionals that take care the specific population. We also intent to promote nationwide awareness of the problem. Also, we desire to help chronic pain homeless to have access to quality of treatment.

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