IASP Developing Countries Collaborative Research Grant Winners 2015

Psychosocial Factors in Chronic Pain: Cross-Cultural Comparisons

Dr. Mark Jensen
University of Washington (USA)
  Dr. Saurab Sharma
Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (Nepal)


Pain beliefs are known to impact pain and its effects on functioning, and may explain cultural differences in responses to pain. The current project proposes three studies to facilitate a research program to study the effects of culture on pain. In the first study, the words patients with chronic pain from Nepal use to describe their pain will be identified and compared with those used by patients from the USA. In the second study, the psychometric properties of Nepali version of Pain Catastrophizing Scale will be evaluated and compared with findings from subjects in Western countries. In the third study, five pain-related PROMIS measures will be translated and cross culturally adapted into Nepali and then compared with normative values from samples of patients from the USA.

The results of this study will contribute significantly to the understanding of the similarities and differences in the effects of pain on important domains impacted by pain in individuals from Nepal and individuals from western countries, and will also form the basis of a pain research program in Nepal that will be used to obtain additional funding.