Dr. Deepak Sharan (India)

2015 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Course on understanding pain for individuals with chronic pain."

Dr. Deepak SharanSummary:

The course consists of class room teaching of 4 hours/day which is bimonthly. Individuals who have chronic pain will be contacted through the hospital and clinic databases and advertisements and will be enrolled for the course. The participants will be then educated about chronic pain in different modules which include basic science about pain, basic terminologies, definition of pain, nociception, nociceptors, control of pain at spinal cord level, modulation of pain at brain, acute and chronic pain, common diagnosis, clinical features, risk factors and prognosis, matrix of contributors to pain including psychological factors, stress level etc., concept of pain without nociception, sensitization at the peripheral and central level, role of life style, physical activity, nutrition and recreation in management of pain, basics of exercises, relaxation techniques and strength training methods, coping up strategies of pain, CBT and yoga, role of non-governmental agencies, self-help groups, patient societies in pain education and management, legal regulations, medical leave, regulatory body, insurance and other norms in India for individuals with chronic pain. Mode of teaching will be through flash cards, power point slides, videos, role play and other educational materials which could help.

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