Dr. Maria Bueno (Brazil)

2015 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Neonatal Pan Assessment Program II: Developmental and initial validation of an evidence-based online curriculum."

Dr. Maria BuenoSummary:

Web-based educational approaches can be effective KT strategies for changing practices and clinical outcomes. Educational initiatives related to neonatal pain and pain management are scarce; therefore this proposal aims to promote the application of high quality synthetized evidence in healthcare practice with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of pain assessment and management in newborns. Grounded on a primary version of the evidence-based on-line course, Neonatal Pain Assessment Program, supported by IASP in 2009-2010, the current proposal aims to update and improve the online course content in line with current best evidence relating to practice recommendations and teaching methods, and to conduct initial validation of the proposal with health sciences students and neonatal fellows.

This eight week program focuses on theoretical aspects of pain in infants, and pain assessment using four validated and well established pain measures. The ultimate goal is to establish the Neonatal Pain Assessment Program II as a permanent educational strategy to be offered at least once a year to health sciences students and/or fellowships of the Brazilian universities and affiliated hospitals involved with potential for scale up to all Universities teaching neonatal care in Brazil.

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