Dr. Nanuli Ninashvili (Georgia)

2015 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"Multidisciplinary e-teaching course on chronic pain assessment and management for medical professionals and general public."

Dr. Nanuli NinashviliSummary:

Epidemiological studies carried out in the country recently revealed low-level of pain assessment and management knowledge among primary health care professionals. Pain education courses for medical professionals of different specialties, conducted in the country confirmed the situation, moreover revealed a serious gap in availability of pain assessment and management teaching and learning material in native language.

The project "Multidisciplinary E-Teaching Course on Chronic Pain Assessment and Management for Medical Professionals and General Public" will focus on the elaboration of the teaching written material considering modern approaches to effective pain assessment and relief to be available for medical professional – doctors and nurses as well as general public through the Tbilisi State Medical University website. Operation of the course will contribute to the enhancement of knowledge in pain management, raise public awareness and educational level tackling stigma associated with pain treatment in general and with opioids in particular, existing in pain patients and their care providers. Consequently, the project outcomes will largely contribute to effective pain treatment in the whole country.

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