Dr. Robyna Khan (Pakistan)

2015 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner

View Completed Project: Pain Toolkit in Urdu

"Translation, publication, and distribution of IASP toolkit in Urdu for Pakistani population."

Dr. Robyna KhanProject:

Persistent pain can be difficult to understand and manage for any patient. IASP Pain toolkit is a useful and simple tool for patients living with persistent pain to organize their lives. It is not the last word in pain management but various patients have agreed that it is quite helpful in managing their pain. In this project, we are planning to translate the IASP Pain toolkit in Urdu. This translation, then will be designed, formatted and printed in colored, handy, booklets and will be distributed to various pain centers around the country. In addition a pain website will be developed and the Urdu version will be placed in an e-format on that website.

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