Professor Ying Ge Tong (China)

2015 Developing Countries Working Group Grant Winner


"An open online course of pain management to benefit nurses and nursing students in China."

Professor Ying Ge TongSummary:

The project will be an open online course (OOC) related to pain management nursing, aimed to unlimited participation and open access through the web. Target groups are registered nurses and nursing students who are willing to improve their knowledge level of pain management nursing. The OOC could attract lots of trainees to attend.

The OOC will include 15 micro-lectures; each micro-lecture is a short recorded video presentation on a single, tightly defined topic. The short lectures encourage a self-directed model of learning, allowing trainees to select lessons to watch and to move through at their own pace, replaying recordings as needed to reinforce understanding of the content. Each trainee will be issued a certificate after finishing 15 micro-lectures and successfully completing related multiple choice questions.

During the learning process of OOC, the trainees will be traced via phone or online. In addition, there will be online chat rooms to deal with questions from trainees.

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