Dr. Yi Ye

2015 IASP Early Career Research Grant Winner

Institution: New York University, New York, United States

Project: "Resolvin D2 as a novel therapy for head and neck cancer progression and pain"

Dr. Yi YePatients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) have a poor survival rate and often experience significant pain. Cancer pain and progression might result from shared pathways that involve chronic inflammation and/or TRP channels; drugs that inhibit inflammation and/or TRP channels might diminish both tumor progression and pain. Resolvin D2 (RvD2), a newly discovered mediator derived from endogenous omega-3 fatty-acid, exhibits potent anti-inflammatory actions and an inhibitory effect on TRPV1/A1. We seek to evaluate whether RvD2 is analgesic and/or anti-proliferative in HNSCC models. We will inhibit TRPV1/A1 expressed on cancer and on primary afferent neurons with RvD2 and measure nociceptive behaviors and tumor size in HNSCC mice. The role of RvD2 and TRPV1/A1 on cell proliferation will be determined with a real-time cell analyzer (RTCA). Expression levels of TRPV1/A1 on cancer and neurons will be determined using immunofluorescence staining, western blot, and RT-PCR. The effect of RvD2 on TRPV1/A1 function in neurons will be measured using calcium imaging and whole-cell patch clamping. These studies will provide insight into the mechanisms underlying HNSCC progression and pain and reveal the therapeutic potential of RvD2.

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