Dr. Line Caes

2015 IASP Early Career Research Grant Winner

Institution: NUI Galway, Ireland

Project: "Parent-child mutual interactions during preschoolers' everyday pain experiences: a pilot study"

Dr Line CaesPain is an integral part of children’s everyday experience, and children mainly depend upon their parents for help and care. However, not all parental responses are equally adaptive and the association between parental responses and child outcomes is complex. The majority of research has either focused on parental or child factors but failed to take into account the bidirectional influences between parents and children. Applying the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model will provide a new perspective on parent-child interactions and how these interactions shape the child’s pain management strategies. Furthermore, research efforts have mainly focused on understanding pain in a medical context (e.g., pain during immunizations). Knowledge about everyday experiences, which constitute the main pain experiences of preschoolers, is limited and might provide unique insights into our understanding of child and parent experiences of pediatric pain. Funding is sought for a pilot study amongst 20 families of a child between 3-5 years of age to investigate the feasibility of two different methodologies to observe parent-child interactions within their home environment. The pilot study will provide invaluable information on the feasibility and practical aspects of home-based observations and indicate whether the intended coding and analyses plan is suitable for the gathered data.

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