Schweizerische Gesellschaft zum Studium des Schmerzes
Société Suisse pour l'Etude de la Douleur
Associazione Svizzera per lo Studio del Dolore
Swiss Association for the Study of Pain

Official Journal: Dolor (in French and German)

Chapter Mailing Address:

Sabina Zelnik
SGSS Sekretariat
c/o Pomcany's Marketing AG
Aargauerstrasse 250
8048 Zurich

Tel: +41 44 496 10 16
Fax: +41 44 496 10 11
Email: info@pain.ch
President's Email: andre.ljutow@paraplegie.ch
Web: www.pain.ch


President: Dr. med. André Ljutow, orthopedic surgeon
Vice President: Dr. med. Marie Besson, specialist in internal medicine
Past President: PD Dr. phil. Christine Cedraschi, psychologist
Treasurer: PD Dr. med. Jean Dudler, rheumatologist
Actuary: Dr. med. Andrea Macak, anaesthesiologist
Committee Member: Angie Röder MScPT, physiotherapist
Committee Member: Prof. Dr. med. Federico Balagué, rheumatologist
Councilor: Dr. phil. Rolf Aeberli, psychologist
Councilor: PD Dr. med. et Dr. dent. Dominik Ettlin, dentist
Councilor: PD Dr. med. Konrad Maurer, anaesthesiologist
Councilor: Prof. Dr. med. Peter S. Sandor, neurologist
Councilor: PD Dr. med. Marc Suter, anaesthesiologist