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Associaçao Portuguesa para o Estudo da Dor

Official Journal: DOR | www.dor.pt

Public Information Available: Support groups; “Atlas da Dor” a brochure with a list of pain units in Portugal; “Comfy Book” the Portuguese edition of Linda S. Franck book for parents with babies in ICU, "Drawings of my pain", a book that gathers the children's drawings of their personal experience of pain that won the annual contest that APED launches every year (the goal: understanding pain in children through other forms of communication).

Chapter Mailing Address:

Associação Portuguesa para o Estudo da Dor
Instituto de Histologia e Embriologia
Departamento de Biomedicina, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade
4200-319 Porto, Portugal

Tel: +351 217 160 501
Fax: +351 918721292
Web: www.aped-dor.org

Executive Board

President: Ana Pedro, MD
Vice-President: Filipe Antunes, MD
Secretary: Rita Moutinho, MD
Treasurer: Graça Mesquita, MD
Vocal: Célia Cruz, PhD

General Assembly

President: José Romão, MD
Secretary: Teresa Patto, MD
Vocal: Iuri Correia - MD

Audit Committee

President: Cláudia Armada, MD
Vocal: Naide Ferreira, MD
Vocal: Susana Carvalho, MD

EFIC Councilor: Ana Pedro, MD