Structure of the ICD-11 Classification

1 Chronic Primary Pain

1.1 Chronic primary widespread pain

1.1.1 Fibromyalgia Syndrome
1.1.2 Other chronic widespread pain

1.2 Primary headache

1.2.1 Chronic Migraine
1.2.2 Chronic Tension Type Headache

1.3 Primary orofacial pain


1.4 Primary visceral pain

1.4.1 Non-cardiac chest pain
1.4.2 Chronic pelvic pain
1. 4.3 IBS

1.5 Primary musculoskeletal pain

1.5.1 Chronic regional pain syndrome
1.5.2 Chronic primary back/neck pain
1.5.3 Chronic primary knee and limb pain?

1.x Other chronic primary pain
1.z Unspecified chronic primary pain

2 Chronic Cancer Pain

2.1 Chronic cancer-related pain
2.2 Chronic painful chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy

[Secondary parent: Chronic peripheral neuropathic pain]

2.3 Chronic post cancer-surgery pain

[Secondary parent: Chronic postsurgical pain]

2.4 Chronic post-radiotherapy pain
2.x Other chronic cancer pain
2.z Unspecified chronic cancer pain

3 Chronic Postsurgical and Posttraumatic Pain

3.1 Chronic postsurgical pain
3.2 Chronic posttraumatic pain
3.x Other chronic postsurgical and posttraumatic pain
3.z Unspecific chronic postsurgical and posttraumatic pain

4 Chronic Neuropathic Pain

4.1 Chronic central neuropathic pain
4.2 Chronic peripheral neuropathic pain
4.x Other chronic neuropathic pain
4.z Unspecified chronic neuropathic pain

5 Chronic Headache and Orofacial Pain

5.1 Chronic primary headache

[Primary parent: Chronic primary pain]

5.2 Chronic secondary headache
5.3 Chronic primary orofacial pain

[Primary parent: Chronic primary pain]

5.4 Chronic secondary orofacial pain
5.x Other chronic headache and orofacial pain
5.z Unspecified chronic headache and orofacial pain

6 Chronic Visceral Pain

6.1 Chronic visceral pain from persistent inflammation
6.2 Chronic visceral pain from vascular mechanisms
6.3 Chronic visceral pain from obstruction/distension
6.4 Chronic visceral pain from traction/compression
6.5 Chronic visceral pain from combined mechanisms
6.6 Chronic visceral pain from cancer

[Primary parent: Chronic cancer pain]

6.7 Chronic primary visceral pain

[Primary parent: Chronic primary pain]

6.x Other chronic visceral pain
6.z Unspecified chronic visceral pain

7 Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

7.1 Chronic musculoskeletal pain from persistent inflammation
7.2 Chronic musculoskeletal pain associated with structural changes
7.3 Chronic musculoskeletal pain due to disease of the nervous system [excluding neuropathic pain]
7.4 Chronic primary musculoskeletal pain

[Primary parent: Chronic primary pain]

7.x Other chronic musculoskeletal pain
7.z Unspecified chronic musculoskeletal pain