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January 27, 2023

Neurosci Bull


Microglial Depletion does not Affect the Laterality of Mechanical Allodynia in Mice.


Ma Q, Su D, Huo J, Yin G, Dong D, Duan K, Cheng H, Xu H, Ma J, Liu D, Mou B, Peng J, Cheng L
Neurosci Bull. 2023 Jan 13.
PMID: 36637789.


Mechanical allodynia (MA), including punctate and dynamic forms, is a common and debilitating symptom suffered by millions of chronic pain patients. Some peripheral injuries result in the development of bilateral MA, while most injuries usually led to unilateral MA. To date, the control of such laterality remains poorly understood. Here, to study the role of microglia in the control of MA laterality, we used genetic strategies to deplete microglia and tested both dynamic and punctate forms of MA in mice. Surprisingly, the depletion of central microglia did not prevent the induction of bilateral dynamic and punctate MA. Moreover, in dorsal root ganglion-dorsal root-sagittal spinal cord slice preparations we recorded the low-threshold Aβ-fiber stimulation-evoked inputs and outputs of superficial dorsal horn neurons. Consistent with behavioral results, microglial depletion did not prevent the opening of bilateral gates for Aβ pathways in the superficial dorsal horn. This study challenges the role of microglia in the control of MA laterality in mice. Future studies are needed to further understand whether the role of microglia in the control of MA laterality is etiology-or species-specific.