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January 27, 2023

Medicina (Kaunas)




Assessment of Headache Characteristics, Impact, and Managing Techniques among Pharmacy and Nursing Undergraduates-An Observational Study.



Many different forms of headaches can change or impact daily activity and quality of life, which increases the financial burden on society over time. Undergraduates who get headaches may be absent from attending lectures, perform less well on their daily tasks and academic achievement, as well as struggle to build and maintain relationships with peers and mentors. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the headache-related characteristics and managing approaches among Saudi pharmacy and nursing students at a Saudi university, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A survey questionnaire was administered in this cross-sectional study to participants at a Saudi university, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Participants included males. The sample size was calculated with Raosoft software. Data analysis was executed using IBM Statistic SPSS, and the level of statistical significance was set at < 0.05. A total of 236 participants completed the questionnaires. The majority, i.e., 218 (92.4%) of them, were male; in addition, 124 (52.5%) were aged between 26 and 30, 124 (52.5%) were pharmacy students, 112 (47.5%) were nursing students, and 134 (56.8%) were smokers. When asked about ever having at least one episode of headache during the week, 66.1% ( = 156) agreed that they had one episode of headache, although 57 (24.2%) of the students had a headache for five days during a week. With regard to the impact of headaches on everyday activities, only 34.7% of the students said that headache disrupted their regular activities. Almost 41% of the students agreed that headache impacted their academic performance. Nearly 34% of students ( = 79) who had headaches considered napping, while 33% ( = 64) took painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines, and 25% ( = 59) considered taking caffeine. In this study, the participants' ages and headache severity were strongly associated ( = 0.0001). More pharmacy students (66.1%) reported having severe headaches than nursing students (14.3%) ( = 0.0001). The current findings revealed that most of the undergraduates suffered from headaches, and the intensity of the pain was moderate; furthermore, one in four undergraduates reported that headaches impacted their academic performance. Caffeine and simple analgesics and anti-inflammatories were used for headache relief.