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Early Career Research Grants


25 January 202225 March 2022

Grant Overview:

The IASP Early Career Research Grant facilitates the development of young researchers just starting their careers as independent investigators.

Grant Details

Multiple grants of $20,000 US are awarded on an annual basis for projects lasting one year. Grants are available internationally and are not related to any particular discipline.

Awardees must abide by the following terms:

  • The awardee is responsible for managing the grant funds which are administered by the awardee’s institution.  
  • The awardee must acknowledge IASP as a source of funding in any publications arising from work supported by these grants.
  • The awardee must agree to start the project within one year of the announcement of the award.
  • The awardee must agree to complete the project within one year from the agreed upon start date.
  • The awardee must submit a 6-month progress report, a detailed final scientific report within six months of completing the project and a two-year progress report indicating the impact of the grant on future research.

Grant Eligibility Requirements

At the time of application, applicants should:

  • Be IASP members
  • Be within 6 years of having received their final degree or completing professional and specialty training
  • Be initiating their career as an independent investigator (not under supervision of a senior scientist)
  • Not have been the recipient of a grant that provides support equal to or greater than the IASP Early Career Research Grant. 

Grant Application Requirements

  • Complete the online application. Additional documents needed for the online application are listed in the subsequent points. 
  • A description of the research project to be undertaken (4 pages max, including references, 11 pt. font, ½ inch (1.27 cm) margins).
  • At least one letter of recommendation.
  • A letter from an institutional official that includes:
    • Evidence of professional independence (with dedicated and independent research space, etc.).
    • Evidence of institutional support (e.g. that basic costs, such as associated salary, administrative support and the use of laboratory/office space are covered).
    • Non-profit status of the institute.
    • Acknowledgment that neither the IASP nor the Early Career Research Grant will be liable (i.e. charged) for any indirect costs (overhead and handling fees) associated with the execution of the work described in the application.
    • The short version curriculum vitae of the applicant including a list of publications (4 pages max). The IASP template which must be used is available here.
    • Proposed budget. The budget template is available here

Grant Review Process and Criteria

The Fellowships, Grants, and Awards Working Group reviews all applications and makes final decisions. Applications will be reviewed based on the scientific merit of the research and the qualifications of the investigator. Only work published in international refereed journals or periodicals will be considered.

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