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Collaborative Research Grant


15 February 202215 April 2022

Grant Overview

The IASP Collaborative Research Grant provides up to $15,000 for international interdisciplinary pain research collaborations between at least two countries with an emphasis on collaborations among basic, translational, and clinical scientists.

Grant Details

The grants cover travel and accommodation costs to support collaborative research by two or more research groups located in different countries. The budget can include a request for consumables related to the research project. However, the majority of the budget (over 50%) must be for travel expenses.

Grants are typically awarded for projects lasting one year.

IASP support will be in the form of a grant to an institution on behalf of the principal investigator of the project. The principal investigator will be responsible for managing these funds and must submit detailed financial and scientific reports within two years.

The principal investigator in charge of the overall project must submit a final scientific report after one year that includes information on activities and products generated with the help of the collaborative research award. These include publications and presentations at conferences, colloquia, or symposia, as well as the generation of additional external support.

Publications and other products arising from the work these grants support must acknowledge IASP as a source of funding. A copy must be sent to IASP Grants at grants@iasp-pain.org.

Grant Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply: 

  • The principal investigator in charge of the overall project must have been a member of IASP for the past year from the date of application.
  • The principal investigator should be at a professional level of independence (i.e., a faculty-level academic appointment).
  • The collaborators must be located in at least 2 different countries

Grant Application Requirements

  • Complete the online application. Additional documents needed for the online application are listed in the subsequent points. 
  • A description of the research project: This should be in Word or PDF and a maximum of four pages including references using 11 pt. font with half-inch [1.27 cm] margins.
  • A budget describing use of the funds. Please use the IASP budget template available on this page. 
  • Short-version curriculum vitae for each of the principal investigators. You must use the IASP template available on this page. 
  • The principal investigator in charge of the overall project must provide a letter from an institutional official which clearly states
    • Evidence of professional independence (i.e., a faculty-level academic appointment)
    • Nonprofit status of the institution
    • Acknowledgment that neither the IASP nor the IASP Collaborative Research Grant will be liable (i.e., charged) for any indirect costs (overhead and handling fees) associated with the execution of the work described in the application.

Grant Review Process and Criteria

The Fellowships, Grants, and Awards Working Group reviews all applications and makes final decisions. Applications will be reviewed based on the scientific merit of the research, qualifications of the investigators, and evidence of interdisciplinary collaboration.

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