Congress Recordings

Congress Recordings are available

Recordings of sessions from the 16th World Congress on Pain are now available. Plenary lectures are free of charge to all delegates who attended the Congress. If you did not attend the Congress, you may access the recordings for a nominal fee. Refresher Course Sessions are also available for a nominal fee.

 IASP has video recording of the Plenary Lectures and audio recording of the Refresher Courses. Many of the recordings include the accompanying PowerPoint presentations shown to delegates at the Congress.

To gain access, log into the IASP website. Then click view recordings.


            Did Not Attend Congress
Price Congress Attendees   Member

Trainees or Developing Countries


All Plenary Lectures

Free   $75 Free $99
Single Refresher Presentation
(1 Speaker)
$40   $40 $25 $55
Entire Refresher Course
(2 Speakers)
$69   $69 $40 $95
Entire Refresher Course
(3 Speakers)
$99   $99 $59 $139
Full Refresher Course Collection
(20 courses)
$999   $999 $590 $1390

Get the Refresher Course Ebook

Pain 2016: Refresher CoursePain 2016 Refresher Courses: 16th World Congress on Pain, was written by the instructors of the Refresher Courses offered in conjunction with the 16th World Congress on Pain, held September 26-30, 2016, in Yokohama, Japan. The publication incorporates the latest thinking on a diverse range of topics in pain research and treatment and is a valuable resource not only for those new to the pain field but also for those seeking to update their knowledge.

Editors: Claudia L. Sommer, Mark S. Wallace, Steven P. Cohen, and Michaela Kress